The KELLY show is always on the look out for weird and wonderful stories and performers. Here is just a few of those nutters we've had the pleasure to bring you!!!


The Underground Man


Buried Alive



Geoff Smith from Mansfield in England decided to beat the world record for being buried alive. He was buried six feet underground for 150 days - so reclaiming a record held by his own mother 30 years ealier. We interviewed him directly from his living grave which was conveniently sited in the beer garden of his local pub!  Sadly, his feat was never recognised by the Guinness Book of Records because it was deemed too dangerous.


Stevie Starr - Regurgitator


Scotsman Stevie Starr makes a living as a professional regugitator. He disgusted our audience with his stomach wrenching act when he swallowed a live goldfish and regugitated it tail first! He also swallowed and brought up billiard balls, rubix cubes, and a padlock and key which he claimed to "unlock" in his stomach! 

Stevie Starr


Oscar the Hypnodog


Hugh & Oscar

Gerry and dogs mix as well as oil and water and yet when Oscar -the black labrador showed his unique talent, Gerry couldn't help but be impressed. Along with his owner, Hugh Lennon, Oscar successfully hypnotised six volunteers on the show including the Northern Ireland postman of the year! We have never seen anything like it!


The Most Pierced Woman In The World


Jane Smith from Glasgow is the most pierced woman in the world. She had 395 piercings at last count, including 103 in her head and face, 10 between her fingers, 11 in her tongue, nipples and elsewhere! She says she never dates pierced men - in case they get painfully entangled.

Jane Smith



Tony Hawks


Tony Hawks

Comedian Tony Hawks appeared on KELLY after he had fulfilled a drunken bet to hitch hike around Ireland with a fridge. During the trip he nearly got himself hitched to the King of Tory's daughter! Tony has since succeeded in beating the entire Moldovan national football team at tennis. We are eagerly awaiting his next drunken bet!


Bug Eaters


Peter Menzel and his wife Faith D'Aluisio spent 8 years travelling the world compiling a book on edible bugs. Gerry was delighted to have them on the show eating scorpions, mealy bugs and crickets, while gulping Chinese ant wine. He was less delighted when it was his turn to taste the first insect!

Edible Bugs


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