Garth has appeared on the show three times - most recently in November 1998. Back in 1995 Garth told Gerry that he would be bringing the tour to Belfast. After the programme he discovered that he had made a mistake - he was not scheduled to play in Northern Ireland! However Garth was determined not to disappoint his fans and three years later he flew his whole entourage over from the States for three dates at the Kings Hall in Belfast. All because of a promise he on KELLY!




B*witched are the only band in the world to have four consecutive hits to go straight into the charts at number one. When 'Don’t Blame the Weatherman' went to number one Edele and Keavey Lynch managed to knock their brother Shane and the rest of Boyzone off the top spot in the British charts. We tracked B*witched down to their hotel in LA that week and they talked to Gerry live on the show on 2nd March.



KELLY was one of the first ever TV shows to feature a performance by the sensational Corrs. They sang "Love to Love You" way back in 1993(?). Then an unknown family band from Dundalk, it was obvious with their unique sound and stunning good looks that they were destined for superstardom.




When Boyzone first appeared on KELLY in June 1994 it seemed they could be just another wannabe boy band. But their manager Louis Walsh predicted that in 12 months time they would have a chart hit and might even make it into Europe. 5 years on Boyzone have had 5 number one hits behind them and are the most successful boy ban in history. But for how long ...not only are 3 of the lads now dads, but the band has been rocked by young Steven Gately's recent announcement that he is gay...a big shock for his army of female fans coupled with tabloid speculation about the band splitting and even Ronan's sexuality!!

Exclusively for the Kelly show on 16th March 1999 Ronan told Gerry and Boyzone fans, that the tabloid reports were wrong and that rumours of a Boyzone break-up were nonsense!!


Engelbert Humperdink

Engelbert Humperdink amazed the KELLY audience with his dance version of Quando Quando Quando. Heartthrob Engelbert - now missing the infamous moustache - told Gerry all about the heart shaped pool at his $5m, 15 bathroom mansion in Santa Monica - which he was selling. Gerry suggested a swap with his 3 bedroom bungalow in Ardglass, Co Down! Hump hasn’t taken up the offer he mad!!!


Cliff Richard


This had to be the most hair raising time for all the Kelly team. Sir Cliff was to appear on the show on the 28th May 1999. All was well and then disaster struck...power failure at Heathrow Airport!!! Three of our guests were stranded!! The show must go the resourceful team pulled out all the stops and managed to get Sir Cliff on a helicopter to Farnborough where a Learjet flew him to Belfast. More problems...two of our guests went walkabout and got lost. The helicopter still hadn't taken off by 7.30pm!! We were left with the enviable task of shortening the show by half an hour to get Sir Cliff airborne. Talk about tight!! Sir Cliff arrived at 9.00 wearing a new suit with the labels still on, borrowed shoes and no socks. Yet he gave a cracking performance and he didn't complain once.....what a star!!!




luluweb.jpg (16594 bytes)

LULU loved Gerry, they joked and fooled about backstage before the show. The audience loved her as she talked very openly about the sixties, marriage to Maurice Gibb, the death of her mother, her new film- "Whatever happened to Harold Smith?" and couldn't resist belting out the infamous beginning of Shout!! WWWEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLL...she made us wanna shout when she appeared on the show on the 14th of May 1999!!




Marianne Faithfull has been there done that. She's been connected with some of the greatest names in the rock and roll business. She's most famous for her turbulent relationship with Mick Jagger which ended with her living on the streets in a drug induced haze. She has carved out a successful music career, yet the most amazing thing about Marianne, is her ability to survive.
When she came on the show on the 4th June she performed a superb version of her new single Vagabond Ways...she chatted to Gerry about her sensational life and took time to relish that she was now a granny!!! "My grandchildren can now say...Marianne Faithfull is my cool is that!" After the interview she said Gerry was brilliant and she could have talked to him all night!!! There are few like her.




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These guys love Gerry and the show and have appeared on the show at least five times! They actually kicked off our final show this season on June 11th with a blistering version of Rockin all over the World. 3 chords and over 30 years of unchanged melody. You name it they talked about it! Quadruple heart bypasses, a ban from Radio 1, drugs, booze, marriages and Francis Rossi's hair transplant!!! The lads can still give it some and they haven't lost they're legendary sense of humour and innuendo. Long may they reign!!


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