Engelbert Humperdink



Engelbert Humperdink amazed the KELLY audience with his dance version of Quando Quando Quando. Heartthrob Engelbert - told Gerry all about the heart shaped pool at his $5m, 15 bathroom mansion in Santa Monica - which he was selling. Gerry suggested a swap with his 3 bedroom bungalow in Ardglass, Co Down! Hump hasn’t taken up the offer yet.


Cliff Richard


Cliff Richard was booked to appear on the KELLY show on 28th May 1999 but it took a helicopter, a private Lear Jet and a police escort to get him to the studio on time. Late on Friday afternoon we heard that Heathrow airport had ground to a standstill because of a powercut. Cliff was stuck on a plane at Terminal One - until the KELLY team swung into action and made other arrangements to get him to the show on schedule. He eventually touched down in Belfast City airport just as the Kelly titles were rolling. As the headlines said the next day, it was the greatest Cliffhanger of Gerry's career!



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