KELLY was one of the first ever TV shows to feature a performance by the Corrs. They sang "Love to Love You" way back in March 1994. Then an unknown family band from Dundalk, it was obvious with their unique sound and stunning good looks that they were destined for superstardom.




When Boyzone first appeared on KELLY in June 1994 it seemed they could be just another wannabe boy band. But their manager Louis Walsh predicted that in 12 months time they would have a chart hit and might even make it into Europe. 5 years on Boyzone have had 5 number one hits behind them and are the most successful boy ban in history. But for how long now that three of the lads are dads? On KELLY (16th March 1999) Ronan assured us that all the tabloid speculation was nonsense and Boyzone would not be splitting up.


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