Garth has appeared on the show three times - most recently in November 1998. Back in 1995 Garth told Gerry that he would be bringing his tour to Belfast. After the programme he discovered that he had made a mistake - he was not scheduled to play in Northern Ireland! However Garth was determined not to disappoint his fans and three years later he flew his whole entourage over from the States for three dates at the Kings Hall in Belfast. All because of a promise he made on KELLY!




B*witched are the only band in the world to have four consecutive hits to go straight into the British charts at number one. When 'Don’t Blame the Weatherman' went to number one Edele and Keavey Lynch managed to knock their brother Shane and the rest of Boyzone off the top spot in the charts. We tracked B*witched down to their hotel in LA that week and they talked to Gerry live on the show on 2nd March, 1999.


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