Behind the scenes on KELLY is a whole team of people who put the show together every Friday night.

They are:

Patricia Moore


The only member of the team who is Belfast born and bred, Patricia loves nothing better than leaping out of planes, swimming with sharks and driving fast cars, but enough of her life in the KELLY office. She is well-known for her love of dangerous pursuits - diving, waterskiing, whitewater rafting and abseiling, but how does such a daredevil relax? Gardening and gin are two of her favourite things - but not together of course! She assures us that nothing beats the adrenalin rush of KELLY on a Friday night!


Patricia Buller


Kilrea-born Patricia is the KELLY team's sports expert - indeed she herself was a cross-country running champion in her youth. KELLY has had a huge impact on her life - she met her husband Richard while working on our Valentine's Love Train back in 1995, they married in 1997 and Patricia has just given birth to their first baby - Lucy - in August 1999!


Miles Goodwin


Miles bears an uncanny resemblance to Ray Reardon and Count Dracula, and he insists that he isn't going bald, but actually cuts his hair like that. He has a passion for the weird and wonderful - everything from people who eat bugs, to bugs who eat people! Away from the office, he's a pretty mean singer and harmonica player and has gigged with his band 'Divorcing Jack' all over Ireland ... he's trying to book them onto KELLY!


Helena Gaffney

Helena Gaffney

Helena is the scourge of the KELLY office - in the nicest possible way! A fiery red-head from County Westmeath, she keeps everyone in line and makes sure all the guests arrive on time on Friday nights - traffic jams or fogbound airports are no excuse where Helena's concerned. She has just become a mum - baby Glenn was born in May 1999 - on time!


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