The KELLY show has travelled all round the world.


ROMANIA 23/12/94


Gerry travelled out to Romania to meet volunteers with the Comber Romania Appeal who were working at orphanges in Tirgoviste and Gradinari over Christmas. We travelled with Irish musicians Liam O'Maonlai (Hothouse Flowers) and Andy White who sang and played with the children. Despite the lack of resources the Irish aid workers had done everything possible to ensure that the kids could enjoy some happiness over the festive season.


CHERNOBYL 22/12/95


In 1995 Gerry travelled to Belarus with a group of volunteers from Newry in Northern Ireland. They were working on a programme to bring children affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster to Ireland for respite care holidays. Even a few weeks away from the polluted environment of Belarus had marked affect on the children's health. Two youngsters returned to Belfast with the KELLY team and spent their Christmas vacation in the province.




The KELLY team travelled out to Nashville in 1995 on St. Patrick's Day to give the winner of our nationwide country song competition the chance to sing at the world famous Bluebird Cafe - the venue where Garth Brooks started out. We also got the chance to visit the Nashville town of Belfast - which, at population 31, is a bit smaller than our home town of Belfast, Northern Ireland.


The entire population of Belfast, Tennessee,
outside the general store.

Gerry makes a
Belfast fry for the people of Belfast!


Gerry with Chris Patten




HONG KONG 17/3/97

We had the chance to travel to Hong Kong on St Patrick’s Day 1997 - the last year of its status as a British Colony. Gerry interviewed the last Governer Chris Patten (a former Northern Ireland minister) and even got introduced to his Yorkshire terriers Whisky and Soda!

Gerry with the 'Kelly' crew

We also talked to Irish expatriates working out in Hong Kong - they joined us for our St Patrick's Day celebrations at Delaney's Irish Bar!




Gerry went out to Capetown South Africa on St. Patrick's Day 1998 where he visited the townships on Cape Flats and interviewed Desmond Tutu.

Gerry with Archbishop Tutu

Gerry asked Tutu about his thoughts on the future for Northern Ireland. Tutu said: "our nightmare has ended yours will too". One month later the Good Friday Agreement was signed.


Gerry and the team have been to some amazing places all over the world
but we always love to come home.
Northern Ireland is an incredible place with so much to offer.

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